The Stereo Window

Shahrokh Dabiri introduces you to the stereo window.

Shahrokh Dabiri's sons help explain the Stereo Window

One of the first concepts to understand is “The Stereo Window”. Think of the computer screen or paper as the window plane and the edges of that plane as the window itself. Like a real window, some objects are at the same depth as the window and some are either behind the window or in front of it. You do not want to place an object at the edges of the image so it is in front, since the window would cut into the object and that is unnatural (known as a WV, window violation). If the object does not touch the edge it can be in front of the window and often that is one of the most satisfying types of images.

When objects extend in front of the window that is known as a TTW (Through The Window). Viewers seem to really enjoy TTW shots, I know that I do love them. If the photographer plans his angles and composition carefully you can really exploit that type of shot.

Shahrokh has a webpage that explains this in more detail.

About Shahrokh Dabiri:

I live in Tehran, Iran, one of the largest cities in the world with a population of nearly 20 million.  I am 53 years old (1957) and a dentist in Tehran with a private practice in my own clinic.

I have been involved in photography for 30 years, but nearly 10 years ago, I fell in love with 3D. I learned there is a great deal of information regarding 3D on the internet, that there were many people with whom I could communicate, and that there were 3D exhibitions around the world. And so I began to learn many things regarding 3D from other stereographers and groups on the internet.

I have a deep passion for 3D and stereoscopic images. I have received a few acceptances in digital competitions and my image “Engrave” was awarded a red ribbon for Best Human Interest by CSC (my favorite stereo organization) in their last digital exhibition. I won a pair of shutter glasses for third prize in the Competition last year.

Shahrokh is active on Flickr

Enjoy Shahrokh’s fancy window treatments below.

Shahrokh Dabiri

Shahrokh Dabiri

Shahrokh Dabiri

7 Responses to The Stereo Window

  1. I like this site and admire its short and simple way on pointing to important 3d subjects like this “Stereo window’ subject.
    I invite the visitors to visit my Flickr pictures too;

    Wine pot_Ananglyph 3D picture: You need Red/Cyan glasses

    A little about me;
    Already I’m 54 years old and a Dentist. I live in Tehran. Stereo photography is my main hobby and passion. i enjoy shooting and looking at 3D pictures very much!

  2. Shahrokh, is probably the kindest 3D stereo friend I’ve had the pleasure to be acquainted with. The Yahoo Anaglyph group he moderates…
    has been a terrific web group which has given me invaluable information and helped my progression in the 3D world tremendously.

  3. David Kesner says:

    Hello Shahrokh,

    Nice to see your creative frame images here. The stereo window is one of the real basic foundation of the stereo image, but seems to be the hardest for the beginner to understand.

  4. Yes dear David, I agree too, the Stereo window subject is a bit hard to understand for the beginners but it’s one of the most important part too, I believe!

  5. stereo window is one thing but you also have to worry about eye strain from too much divergence.

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