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David Kesner makes small worlds seem larger.

David W. Kesner

One of the two extremes in 3D imagery is called Hypostereo (the other is Hyperstereo). Hypostereo has the unique result of making images of small things look a bit larger. It is the stereo version of Macro photography.

The idea behind Hypostereo is to decrease the distance between the two images to be less than the distance between typical human eyes. This allows us to see the world the way a small bug would see it. It lets you enter a magical hidden tiny world and see depth and detail where small things look big in relation to you.

Humans can’t focus both eyes on objects that are too close to them, the distance between our eyes is too large to allow that. You can experience this by placing your finger in front of you and focusing on it while moving it closer to your eyes. At some point you will lose focus and see two images as you can not focus both eyes that closely. Usually at that point you simply default to one of your eyes to be able to see the object but at that point you are not seeing depth.

Hypostereo shows you depth at those close distances but it requires special cameras or techniques to do so. If your subject is not moving you can use the cha-cha method to do a Hypostereo shot. Another approach is to build or buy a mirror system to get the two images at the proper distance apart. Loreo and Cyclopital3D both have macro adapters that work well. Of course, the easiest method is to use a macro stereo camera specially designed for this function.

David has done some impressive Macro Hypostereo images as shown below.

About David W. Kesner:

Professionally, David is a Cytogenetic Technologist performing chromosome analysis on diganostic human samples. He has been doing this since 1977.

As a hobby he has been involved in photography since 1970 when he bought his first camera while living in Japan. First in flat or 2D and later in stereo or 3D. He is active in all the 3D organizations (NSA, ISU, PSA, SSA, etc.) and chaired the joint 2007 NSA/ISU Convention/Congress in Boise, Idaho. He is currently the digital image editor for “Stereoscopy”, the journal of the ISU (International Stereoscopic Union).

For a time he actively competed in PSA International Stereo Slide Exhibitions and attained a 5-star rating and was listed as one of the top ten world wide stereo photographers for three years in a row.

Although his main interest is macro Hypostereo, no matter where he goes or what he does from his motorcycle trips, to caving, to snow shoeing, to business trips he tries to always have a stereo camera along to caputre the events.

You can see more of David’s work on his DDD Photography website here http://www.dddphotography.com

David W. Kesner

David W. Kesner

David W. Kesner

David W. Kesner

David W. Kesner

David W. Kesner

3 Responses to Hypostereo Macro World

  1. What a tremendous presence and gift David has been to all of us who have been learning and involved in 3D. Thank you for everything you’ve been doing David!

  2. David Kesner says:

    Wow, thanks a lot Brian. I just wish I had your ability and patience to do those amazing out of frame images.

  3. John Wattie says:

    David is a stereoscopic craftsman, as his clear anaglyphs show. The close-up world looks so much better in stereo than in “flat” pictures, for the fine details separate from superimposed confusion to exquisite, 3D perception. Besides, the animals are cute!

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