About the Contributors

The purpose of this blog is to tell the story of how enthusiasts are doing innovative stereoscopic work and sharing images, ideas and critique via the Internet stereoscopic community. Our contributors are from all over the world; I think some are even from Venus and Mars. 😉

Dan Ridley-Ellis

We have tapped into several “Internet stereo friends” who do really excellent 3D work. Many of these people are not graphics professionals with any commercial aspirations; they are enthusiasts who do this because they love it, and they do it at a very high level.

In this blog we will introduce you to them and show how their work illustrates an important concept in stereoscopy. They each have a blog page listed on the right sidebar that you can visit and comment about. We encourage you to strike up a dialog about the topics presented.

Enjoy the site, open your mind and both of your eyes to the science and art of stereoscopic vision!

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  1. wim hoppenbrouwers says:

    Very good for stereo! I like the site.


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