3D Panorama Images

Louis Carlsson takes us for a spin in 3D.


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Just when you thought you had seen it all, you need to turn yourself around to get the full picture. One of the charms of a 3D image is that your eyes can travel around the image and discover new things. A way to enhance that experience is to widen the field of view by looking all around for a full 360 degree view. Louis is one of the few people who have explored and exploited this fact by making 360 degree 3D panorama images.

3D panoramas are another type of 3D creation that requires careful planning, great skill and detailed execution. It is difficult to even try to explain how demanding it is to do this well. A stereo camera rig must be mounted on a tripod and a series of 3D images need to be taken. These images are stitched together for each eye’s viewpoint and then aligned and prepared as an anaglyph image.

When a 3D 360 degree panorama is done cleanly and creatively it is one of the most unique viewing experiences you can have. We can try to explain this in words but at this point it is best we just let you experience it.

Take the images below out for a spin. We have posted flat versions below with links to very large full sized versions and an immersive 3D viewer version that will let you move around the image in Virtual Reality style (requires Shockwave plugin). We strongly suggest you try the immersive 360 links for the best viewing experience.

About Louis Carlsson:

Louis lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark doing 2D and 3D photography. He specializes in a few specialty techniques, including 2D to 3D conversions done with depth maps, HDR images, painting with light and 3D panoramas.

Louis loves a good discussion and meaningful critique; he shares his knowledge online and has been a strong contributor to the Internet Stereoscopic community. You can see his professional work online here.

Louis is active on Flickr in 2 flavors – see his 2D and see his 3D

He also has a full set of 3D panoramas here.


View full sizeView immersive 360


View full sizeView immersive 360


View full sizeView immersive 360


View full sizeView immersive 360


View full sizeView immersive 360

4 Responses to 3D Panorama Images

  1. David Kesner says:

    These have to be seen full sized and interactive to really be appreciated. Great work.

  2. For those who especially like to interact with what they are viewing, Louis provides a fun panoramic platform upon which to explore and navigate.

  3. Rob Imerson says:

    Fantastic. I’ll let more people know about this. Please do more.

  4. John Wattie says:

    It is always stimulating to get into a discussion with Louis. He has done many innovative things in the stereoscopic world.

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